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Baby Restraint Fitters by Hire for Baby, is an extension of our complete baby hire equipment service… our service now extends to include child car restraint fitting for your personal equipment. Hire for Baby brings you a site dedicated to understanding child car restraints with an emphasis on the importance of ensuring our children are safe whilst travelling in cars.

Our franchisees are professionally trained and accredited by organisations including Mobility Engineering, ACRI and WA Roadwise. We deliver a service that ensures that car restraints are fitted correctly. This service includes ensuring that you understand how to use your child restraint correctly.

Whether we install your own car restraint or hire from us we can assure you the highest quality installation and service is provided.

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With the national car restraint laws in affect since November 2009 (NB: this is different for each state) regarding child restraints, Hire for Baby are offering an opportunity for families that are perhaps unaware of the current and future requirements regarding child restraints to understand the new laws and have their restraints correctly inspected and refitted, if required for a small fee.

The new laws will require children to be appropriately restrained in a motor vehicle in a suitable approved child restraint from birth up to the age of seven.

Specifically, the law requires children:

The law also deals with the issue of children sitting in the front seat of a vehicle.

Children up to four years of age must be restrained in the rear of the vehicle (where the vehicle has two or more rows of seats);

Children aged between four and seven years will not be permitted to sit in the front seat unless all other seating positions are already occupied by children under seven.

By specifying the type of restraint to be used at different ages and where children must be seated in a vehicle, the new laws will reduce the risk of injury caused by the use of unsuitable restraints for a child’s size. Source: RTA

The authorized training for Hire for Baby Franchisees is an accredited training that has been delivered by Australian Safety and Engineering Training in conjunction with Mobility Engineering, who are the same organisation that conducts the training for the RTA fitting stations. Their training, listed as 69800 – Course in Selection and Installation of Child Restraints and their accreditation can be found by following this link:

Furthermore, all of our organisation and franchisees are suitably insured for these activities.

As a result we believe that our organisation offers equal service to that of the RTA network

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